Amoxicillin for angina: when it was appointed?

In acute infectious disease, angina, occurs mostly tonsils defeat. It usually begins due to streptococcus.

Angina can develop after a strong supercooling or chronically inflamed tonsils. It can also appear after sinusitis.

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Angina - is not only an independent disease, it can be a symptom of an infectious nature and diseases: diphtheria, scarlet fever or leukemia.

For its treatment using antibiotics, vitamins, agents for reducing heat immunostimulants.

Antibiotics happens if there is a plaque on the tonsils, high fever, painful neck lymph nodes, but there is no cough. In the presence of at least three of these symptoms, it does not require microbiological examination for antibiotics.

Since sore throat is a bacterial disease, the main thing - the beginning of early treatment. First of all, the patient feels better, it may prevent severe consequences and accelerate recovery. The most often prescribed amoxicillin with angina, as he showed in practice as a fast and effective drug.

In streptococcal bacteria that cause sore throats, the greatest sensitivity to penicillin, so it is often enough to recommend amoxicillin from angina, which is included in the penicillin group. One of its variants is amoksiklav, which includes clavulanic acid enhances the action of the drug.

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In the presence of penicillin intolerance performed antibiotics, which are included in the macrolide group. The most famous product - erythromycin, there are also many of his peers.

Angina necessarily need to be treated as serious complications can occur as a result. Especially because of angina drugs in adults and children are well represented. The lowest number of adverse reactions - from drugs penicillin group, for example, amoxicillin cold. They have high antibacterial activity and a broad spectrum of action.

In some cases, prescribe amoxicillin for sore throat in children?

Most moms are beginning to think that if a doctor prescribed antibiotics, it is just fear. But if stronger medications need really?

Of course, the use of antibiotics is not required if the child has only a sore throat, as if there is no special indication, they will be useless.

Amoxicillin angina among children in the registers if during the three days the body temperature is substantially improved when explicitly marked plaque or purulent follicles on tonsils. The presence of typical angina is also evidenced by the fact that there is no respiratory virus (cough and runny nose), enlarged lymph nodes in the neck and under the jaw. Application of medication wide. For example, the antibiotic amoxicillin is prescribed as with otitis.

It has different dosage forms:

- suspension;

- capsules;

- pills.

How to take amoxicillin with angina?

Each antibiotic has its own doses and recommendations. The dosage is calculated taking into account the age and weight of the patient. Upon receipt of instructions to be followed.

In the case of antibacterial agents it is of great importance that has been passed to a course of treatment. Be sure to take into account the presence of contraindications.

For example, how to take amoxicillin with angina? Under the ban it for those who have a hypersensitivity to the active substance, infectious mononucleosis and lymphatic leukemoid reaction type. How many days will take amoxicillin? Terms prescribed by the doctor, and they need to strictly follow. Before taking amoxicillin with angina, it should be noted that while it is forbidden aspirin and sulfinpyrazone, antimicrobials.


Under the biggest prohibition - alcohol, so how can you get an allergic reaction, then - coma and death. Alcoholic drinks can be consumed only ten days after the treatment will be finished.

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